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Blog Blueprints is a platform for all people who thought establishing a website is a Nuisance of a job. We'd like to change that perception. We want to make website development and blogging a fun activity by breaking it down to a simple set of steps.

Our mission as a team of skilled individuals is to serve the dream of a web aspirant who wants to get out there and make a dent in the universe by their website.

I am Reiner Ludwig, the founder of various popular websites, who wants to help people raise their voice in the web arena. Blog Blueprints is one of our greatest websites where we provide value to our readers in the form of “time”. Time is the most valuable commodity you can never have back!

We will save hours worth of time by giving you exactly what you need to know. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be able to save your time and also have some fun on the way.

Blog Blueprints as the name suggests, offers precise articles of step-by-step blueprints concerning all the tasks you need done in order to get your website online and popular.

Soon we publish the following articles:

  • What is a Domain Registrar and How to Register Your Domain?
  • How to Choose Hosting Service Providers?
  • How to Decide What to Blog About?
  • How to Monetize Your Website with Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank?
  • How to Make Money with Digital Products?
  • Why Should You Write an Ebook?

All articles are written in simple English which every non native English speaker can also easily understand. All articles provide our collective wisdom accumulated by our own experience in the industry. So, we have devised a set of these blueprints which will provide you a precise step by step guide of “What to do”. Apart from that, you will be amazed by our social platform and other marvelous features.

At the end, we want to be a mentor to your ambitions. A mentor is the purest role a teacher can play in life, when he inspires his student to become greater than him. That’s’ what we want to do for you.

That is what Socrates did for Aristotle, Aristotle did for Plato, and Plato did for Alexandra the Great. Our modern civilization’s advancement can be associated with our ability to pass on what we have learned to people of the next generation. So they can build a better world on what they inherited. This is what we are doing here!

We are passing the baton by sharing the right information with you ....